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When you aren’t happy with the appearance of age spots, acne scars or wrinkles, you can get all of them treated at one time with PicoSure®. Dr. Judy Wei and her team at WEI Aesthetic Institute offer this innovative treatment that combines short-pulse lasers that eliminate skin discolorations with advanced technology to revitalize skin from deep within.


What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is a short-pulse laser that operates at an exceptional speed. The laser is also equipped with PressureWave™ technology, which uses a unique wavelength of light and a specialized lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. When these technologies are combined, they produce effective skin revitalization that’s safe for all skin types.

What skin concerns are treated using PicoSure?

PicoSure is FDA-cleared to remove pigmented skin lesions, acne scars, and wrinkles. Skin lesions include discolored areas of skin such as brown spots due to the sun and aging, melasma, and dark lesions that aren’t cancerous. PicoSure also effectively removes tattoos.

How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure works two ways. As an ultra-fast laser, it’s able to break up pigmented areas of skin. Then the discolored areas disappear as the destroyed pieces are naturally eliminated by your body. The laser operates at a wavelength that’s only absorbed by pigmented skin, so it doesn’t harm surrounding tissues.

PressureWave technology reaches below the skin to deeper layers, where it creates gentle pressure that stimulates the body’s normal healing response. During healing, new collagen and elastin are produced, which grow up through the skin to reach the surface.

As fresh collagen and elastin replace old cells on your skin’s surface, your skin becomes stronger and more pliable. Ultimately, you gain a revitalized appearance.

What can you expect during treatment?

Before your treatment begins, the team at WEI Aesthetic Institute explains the procedure and talks about whether you may want numbing cream. Most people tolerate the treatment, but each person’s skin sensitivity is different, so you may choose a topical treatment to ensure your comfort.

One treatment takes about 10-15 minutes. You may have minor redness or swelling that lasts one to three hours. Since your skin isn’t damaged by the treatment, you can apply moisturizers and makeup right after treatment and get back to your usual daily routine.


When will you see results?

It takes a little time for your body to clear away pigmented lesions and for newly synthesized collagen and elastin to migrate toward the skin’s surface. Your doctor at WEI Aesthetic Institute can give you a better idea about when you’ll see results based on the conditions being treated.

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