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WEI Aesthetic Institute - Radiant Rewards Referral Program


Give $50, Get $100 

Refer a friend and they’ll get $50 off their first treatment or purchase. Once they’ve come in for service, you get $100 credit or a WEI Essential Facial at your next visit. 

Shouting our praises from the rooftop? We’ve got just the program for you! 


How does your referral program work? 


You loved your results and want to spread the word? Awesome. For each new friend that comes in for treatment, you’ll receive $100 credit or a facial which can be banked in your account until you’re ready to use it. Each friend will always get either 10% off or $50 credit, whichever is greater and can be used immediately! What’s even better? There is bonus thank yous along the way! 

How many friends can I refer? 

The sky’s the limit. You can refer as many friends as you like. They do need to reference your name when they come in so we can make sure whom to thank (and award credit to)! 

Each new friend can only name one referral source. 

What do I get when I make a referral? 

As a thank you, you’ll receive $100 credit or a facial which can be banked in your account until you’re ready to redeem. Want to save up for a service? No problem. 

What can I use my credits on? 

The credits can be applied to all our services and theres no minimum to spend. But unfortunately, credits cannot be used on product purchases (I.e. skin care) or combined with any promotional discounts. 

Can someone else use my rewards? 

You did the legwork and we want to reward you for putting in the effort to spread the word about our services! You should be the one to enjoy the perks so unfortunately. These are non-transferable. 

How will I know if my friend came in?  

Once they complete their first visit, we’ll reach out to share the good news-make sure we have your most updated contact information. 

Will I get to find out what treatments my friend received?   

Some things are better left private. We do not divulge any patient information so unless they share with you, our lips are sealed. 

*Credits can only be used on services, cannot be applied to product purchases such as skincare or combined with any promotional discounts. Terms and conditions subject to change.  

Here's how your referrals add up




Choose from four exclusive memberships:
Insider, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Each membership allows you to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatments we know will keep you radiant.

What’s included in our VIP memberships?

Complimentary facials, skin resurfacing, pigmentation, anti-aging and body contouring treatments.

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