The only FDA approved, non-surgical solution to a double chin.

A double chin can be embarrassing and cosmetically displeasing. Double chins have several different causes. Many people naturally store excess fat under their chin. Some families seem to pass on a tendency to develop double chins, suggesting a genetic component as well. The aging process also contributes to the development of a double chin, while loss of tissue from the cheeks combined with loss of skin elasticity can cause the skin to slide and sag underneath the chin. Kybella has been approved by the FDA for treating double chins in a minimally invasive, non-surgical fashion.


How does Kybella work?

Kybella is composed of deoxycholic acid, which is injected into the double chin, where it breaks down the fat cells permanently, Once destroyed, those cells are no longer able to store or accumulate fat. Leading to a more defined jawline, restoring a more youthful and balanced look to the face.

What is the Kybella treatment like?

Kybella is typically a 30 minute in-office treatment session. Patients will receive a series of injections into the fat under their chin at each treatment session.

How many treatments will I need?

Our aesthetic provider will work with the patient to customize their Kybella treatment based on the amount of submental fullness they have and their individual treatment goals. Together, our aesthetic provider and patient will decide the treatment plan that’s right for them. Many patients treated with Kybella experience visible contouring of their chin profile in 2 to 4 treatments. Some clients require up to 6 treatments in order to achieve desired results.