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What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a simple treatment that delivers fluids directly into your bloodstreatm through a small IV inserted into your arm. At Wei Aesthetic Institute formulized a tailored cocktail that will include vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and glutathione in the cocktail.

How do IV Therapy work?

Intravenous (IV) fluid drips deliver a combination of saline solution, vitamins, and electrolytes through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. The ingredients in individual IV formulas are specifically blended to address a variety of health needs.

During therapy, the nurse inserts an IV line into the patient’s vein. This IV line is attached to a bag of saline solution. IV therapy bags are designed to let gravity, as opposed to a syringe or other forced technique, carry fluid into the veins over time.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of a single treatment varies but a typical treatment will take about 30 – 45 minutes.

Exclusive Cocktails available only at WEI Aesthetic Institute.

  • -Vitamin C

  • -Vitamin C + Gultahione

  • -Plenish

  • -Plenish + Gultahione

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