The luxury 24-carat gold medical facial device designed to deliver a blend of therapeutics to get your skin glowing. It is designed to painlessly and effectively deliver microdoses of therapeutics into the skin. WEI Aesthetic Institute offers the ability to effectively deliver a tailored cocktail to achieve your skin care goals.


What is Aquagold?

Aquagold is a first of its kind, microchannel microinjector. It’s designed to effectively microinject therapeutics just under the dermis, at a consistent depth of 0.6 mm. The device features twenty microchannels that contain miniature spiral grooves constructed to microdose and microinject therapeutic. The microchannels is very thin, making treatments essentially pain-free. It works extremely well over delicate skin features such as the peri-oral and peri-oribital areas. This high-tech device delivers approximately 1,200 to 2,000 microinjections per minute.

What are the Benefits of Aquagold?

-Reduces wrinkles, fine lines

-Reduces melasma, pigmentation

-Reduces scarring, acne

-Reduces enlarged pores

-Enhances skin hydration

-Enhances youthful natural glow

-Rejuvenates face, neck, decolletage and hands.

How long does Aquagold last?

Results can be seen within 3-7 days after treatment and typically last anywhere from four-six months. Most patients can see great results with just one treatment however it can be done anywhere from 1-3 months. Doing the Aquagold treatment a few times throughout the year will continue to improve long term skin quality.